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prosit of cristina molino

it's a brand new business born in 2005 from passion for the land and the wish to promote tourism in the South of Piedmont and particularly in the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, where prosit is located.

Cristina Molino, graduated in interpreting and translation, qualified in tour guiding and tour leading, today is able to offer high level professional services in the tourist trade always marking out affability and cordiality.

The appropriate knowledge of the area and the good competence in languages ( English, German, French) developed during the years thanks to:

- many years of experience in the field of tour leading and tour guiding, working for public and private companies in the provinces of Cuneo and Asti

- university courses and periods of studing and working abroad

- passion for local culture accompanied by deep interest in Piedmontese art and history.

The range of services that prosit can propose is wide. It goes from tour guiding to the realization of tailor made tours, through enogastronomy and culture, always searching to fascinate the tourist and moving the wish to come back again and appreciate the lands and flavours of Piedmont.