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CASTELLO DI MONTEGROSSO V. Emanuele III, 1 14048 Montegrosso d'Asti (AT)

Tel. +39 0141953215 - Fax +39 0141953642



The feudal castle of Montegrosso d’Asti. Built in 1134 by order of the Marquis Bonifacio del Vasto. Lord of the city of Asti, dominates a wide hilly area which is very much dedicated to the culture of Vines. The quietness of the castle’s centuries-old cellars is home for the noble D.O.C. wines of these hills. It’s here that the Family Motta produces and ages its wines. Love for the wine is something which is passed on from father to son, from one generation to the next. There are documents proving that the Motta Family have been wine-makers since 1794 and therefore they are proud to show their experience and traditions by presenting today, just as they have done in the past, the very best of Piedmont wine production.


V. S. Grato, 28 -14018 Villafranca d’Asti (AT)

Tel. +39 0141943420.......................................

Nice holiday- farm 15 km far from asti and 40 from Turin. Very good piedmontese typical cuisine.. The Borio Family will receive you in a confortable atmosphere. Visit their site.


frazione San Carlo - Tigliole (AT)

Tel. 0141659219 Fax 0141659489


Comfortable bed&breakfast 15 km far from Asti and 40km from Turin. Traditional piemontese farmhouse, fine restructured with fascinating panoramic view on the Alfieri's hills . A pleasant place and a cordial atmosphere will make unique your staying.


via Maresco 1, Montechiaro d'Asti (AT)

Tel. Fax. +39 0141990055


Real Estate agency in the heart of Monferrato with a wide net of contacts all around the Asti region. It proposes typical houses and restored country houses or still to be restored in the middle of the Monferrato hills. It offers also advisings for the restoration of houses.

TENUTA MANDOL. case vacanze nelle langhe

Regione Lavatoio, 14050 Cessole (AT)

Tel. Fax. +39 0144850405



The cottages of the Mandol Estate are situated in the hills at 500 metres a.s.l. facing south-west with wonderful views of the Bormida valley.. Set amid green vineyards and woods, the estate offers its guests a relaxing holiday in this wonderful region of the south Piemont: an area of antique traditions, medioeval villages and castles to discover, pleasant walks with changing scenery and little roads that wines that, as well as the truffles and cheeses, have made this region famous throughout the world.